Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church
                                                    "The church where the word is impacting lives" 
 Call us at: 904-477-5935

Our Services 

Sunday School                        Sunday @ 9:30 am        ​
 ​Morning Worship                  Sunday @ 10:45 am
 Bible Study                              Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

Blessed Hope Baptist Church Worship Services
We would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you and your family to join us in our worship services. 

There will be praise, song, worship and the spoken word in the name of the Lord. This could be a life-altering event. Please don’t miss out on your blessing.

Feel free to Join us at anytime. Should you have any questions, desire any additional information or are in need of prayer, please fill out the request form.  

We extend an open invitation.